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Today’s travel industry is seeing rapid growth, high customer expectations, fierce competition and pressure on margins. This is a market driven by new technologies, new entrants and new business models. In this challenging world, Amadeus is not only the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world, but a leader in delivering a wider range of superior technology to help you tackle the issues you face.

Every Amadeus customer uses our modular technology in a different way. From global network airlines to low cost carriers, from multinational travel agencies to independent hotels; these companies use our technology to create effective commercial environments, make their business processes more efficient and give themselves a competitive advantage.

Property Management System

Amadeus Property Management System (PMS) is a powerful guest, company and booker data index, integrated with Front Office, Sales/Marketing, Conference and Finance Management functions.

Consumers are increasingly savvy about prices and service when pursuing value in their travel choices. Competition is fierce and traditional brand loyalty is challenged by channel preferences. Delivering a positive and consistent experience for each guest is critical to your success. You can achieve this by implementing the right hotel property management solution to make your guest feel unique and special at every visit.

Amadeus PMS is a dynamic guest/booker database tool designed to anticipate and fulfill guest needs and preferences throughout their stay. You will also benefit by having full availability and reservation functionalities to maximise yield, cross-sell and up sell within your property portfolio. Marketing, financial management and reporting modules complement the Amadeus PMS package.

Amadeus PMS Features

Amadeus PMS consists of custom-built hotel management solutions serving the requirements of a small 2 star property to the complexities of a multinational brand. Key features of the PMS application include: Customizable Guest, Travel agent and Company Index

The index stores all data relating to historical and current bookings - including special requests, guest preferences and spend - and is accessible through a multitude of search criteria.

Front Office: Availability, Reservation, Yielding, Billing

Amadeus Front Office offers you full availability, reservation, yielding and billing functionalities, which in turn generate useful performance statistics.

  • Individual, group and package reservations are made from a graphic room plan displaying dynamic availability, stay rules and rates in the selected currency. You can easily retrieve all bookings using the powerful reservation search functions and make amendments as required

  • Access to room images and maps assist sales agents in providing accurate descriptions and preference fulfillment to help close the sale

  • Booking rules and price/yield class mapping assist with occupancy optimization

  • Individual, master, unit and city ledger invoicing can be managed in multiple currencies and languages

  • Statistics are generated on performance indicators such as: sales, accounts, source, and segment activity to analyze business efficiency and generate management reports

Sales & Marketing

Equipping your sales and marketing professionals with the tools to target potential guests and the knowledge to effectively manage existing customer relationships, will increase both employee and customer satisfaction levels.

  • the guest index stores invaluable information on customer preferences and activity so marketing staff can analyze segment performance and execute/evaluate differentiated marketing campaigns

  • sales agents can cross-sell or up-sell easily with dynamic multi-property availability information, satisfying guest requests whilst contributing to occupancy targets

Conference & Banqueting

This module is ideal for hotels managing multiple meeting rooms and conference/banqueting arrangements. Event planning is a substantial revenue generator for hotels – mistakes are costly and leave a lasting impression. The Amadeus Conference Management System takes the worry out of planning.

  • Real-time conference/meeting room and equipment availability is managed, and reservations made from a central database for single/multiple locations
  • An interface to Front Office enables the sales agent to seamlessly book bedrooms matched to conference dates and stored guest preferences (Guest Index integration)
  • Conference amendments are simultaneously adjusted in all databases (meeting rooms, bedrooms, banqueting arrangements)
  • Function sheets, floor plans, menus, room images and agendas represent a selection of the event material which can be easily produced from Amadeus Conference Management System
  • Event information is stored for subsequent direct marketing opportunities

Financial Management

Amadeus Hotel Finance application is hospitality-specific accounting software designed for:

  • Liquidity planning and control.
  • Comprehensive accounting, financial reporting and analysis, i.e.
    - comparative figures for previous year versus budget
    - amount reports, balance lists, ageing schedule and open item reports to assess turnover, costs and revenue.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks.
  • Double-entry book-keeping.
  • Data import and export.

Value-added Features

  • The PMS functionalities are managed from a GUI (graphical user interface) front-end using "drag and drop" technology, so the system is easy and attractive to use, as well as quick to learn.
  • Optimum security is achieved with user-defined access to all PMS functions.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities.
  • Interfaces to other hotel service functions such as pay TV, key card, restaurant (POS), as well as to CRS (central reservation) and GDS (global distribution) systems.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications automates the output of professional, personalized correspondence which is archived alongside each reservation.
  • The multi-property PMS version is an essential tool for hotel chains, providing a CRS functionality for the hotel group.
  • Technical architecture: our PMS solutions are based on modern client-server architecture, available in ASP, work from a relational, transactions oriented server database and can interface with multiple external systems.

Our Impressive Track Record

  • 410 Amadeus hotel specialists are dedicated to serving our hotel partners.
  • 6,700 hotels are using one of the Amadeus PMS solutions.
  • 18 language versions are available.
  • Existing customers are available to visit your hotel and describe their experiences and results obtained from Amadeus PMS solutions.

Additional information

InfoGenesis Revelation

InfoGenesis is defining the future of hospitality with Guest Experience Management applications and services. InfoGenesis helps you understand your guests' preferences, tailor service to their unique needs, and maximize revenue per customer. Solutions of InfoGenesis include point of sale, self-service, reservations, dining management and analytics for leading hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise lines, stadiums and restaurants and managed foodservices.

InfoGenesis Revelation System can be used practically with any equipment applied at restaurants (terminals, the printer, etc.) As a workstation it is possible to use even the usual PC computer with operational system Windows 98/NT4/W2K/XP, a network card and a sufficient empty space on a hard disk. Nevertheless, there is the special equipment recommended for installation at restaurants, bars, etc. Use of such equipment is more preferable, as it considers specificity on work of institutions.

System opportunities:

  • Division, association and transfer of checks, division of cost of a position between visitors
  • Opportunity "to detain/send" a dish for various time of submission of dishes of the order
  • The Unlimited number of the menu displayed on the terminal during the different periods of service
  • Types of buttons (the menu, dishes, and action buttons) have different colors and different position on the screen for work acceleration.
  • The modifiers adhered to concrete dishes, are displayed in emerging windows or as by a submenu on the basic screen.
  • If waiters work as brigade, that allows distribute service, sales and the tip.
  • Cancelling of dishes is accompanied by the instruction of the reason for more convenient control.
  • The all-round reporting for waiters, cashiers and managers and set of other opportunities.
  • The opportunity to work in a mode "off-line", i.e. system remains efficient at loss of connection with a server. At restoration of communication the cash department transfers data to a server automatically.

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