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Safes “Safeplace” are intended for installation in rooms of hotels or cabins cruise ships, and also in hospitals chambers and clinics, at company’s offices and private houses.



Safeplace have following options:

  • Allow organize simple and effective system of documents storage and users values;
  • Blocking at attempt of code or a key selection;
  • Allow in several seconds by means of very simple procedures replace a code, key or a card (" new visitor - new code ");
  • Open and close by means of the motorized crossbars;
  • There are no restrictions on an arrangement of the safe in room or a cabin because of safes power from batteries.
  • The minimal energy consumption - service life on one set of batteries not less than 2 years. Notice of batteries discharge - showing of a batteries charge level on display
  • Provide an opportunity of safe service opening with help of programmatic BiMAX (without safe damage);
  • There is a system of access authorization to safes programmatic BiMAX-with various levels of users access to operations with the safe and audit of use programmatic;
  • The electronic lock of the safe has non-volatile memory in which the history of the safe use (models with audit, in some models - as an additional option) is kept. This history can be red and printed;
  • Safes can be equipped with system of activation, allowing organize safes delivery in rent;
  • Safes are adapted for people with limited physical opportunities;
  • The range of standard type sizes is adapted for maximal convenience of safes use - special standard sizes for installation in furniture (for values) and the special size for laptop or documents of format A4, for installation on a floor (with additional shelf or with a pedestal) and for installation on a wall;
  • Various different additional options - customer’s fulfillment on color and sizes, with the left or right door opening, with the additional socket for laptop charging, etc.

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