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TESA is market leader in providing security systems and products; to prevent break-ins, to control access and in equipping emergency exits.
We offer a complete range of products and services, to both the institutional and the residential markets.

Security solutions from TESA

Our aim is to provide integrated locking and control solutions for buildings and property of all types, in order to guarantee the security of both people and property. At TESA we maintain an active presence in the following sectors:

  • Residential: Apartment blocks, terraced housing, single-family units
  • Institutional: Public buildings, universities, hospitals, offices and buildings that, in general, have a high volume of human traffic.
  • Commercial (OEM): Locks for any type of application; from vending machines, lockers and letter boxes to office furniture, ignition locks and combination locks.
  • Hotel: For all types of hotel complexes, university halls of residence cruise liners, military bases….and, in general, for any type of residence offering a hotel-like service

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