Common information

LATSAT Ltd., since its founding in 1989, is one of the leaders in the Latvian telecommunications. The company has a stable position in the Latvian market at a time when very rapid development of telecommunications technology and soon became a leader in satellite, cable and ether television systems engineering. For many years successfully working and gaining vital experience, we have expanded the company's scope.

Since 1995, when LATSAT Ltd. started its business in hospitality technology, we have gradually expanded the range of services - from digital to electronic locks, safes, mini-bar, a hotel phone, hotel and restaurant management system of supply, which is necessary for high-quality services and successful hotel management.

LATSAT Currently the company is one of the leaders in the hospitality technology business.

LATSAT range of services covering all stages of hotel development - from conceptual design, hotel and restaurant equipment necessary for the delivery, and to object to full commissioning.

Currently, the company has done work on the list for more than 100 installed equipment Latvian, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. Significant support will be provided outside the Latvian subsidiary companies in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine. Many years LATSAT staff experience in the field, dozens of successful performance of the project as well as the professional skills of a high-quality and high performance guarantees.

LATSAT specialists work in assessing the hotel operation, production of technical and working concepts, business plans, the project consists of a full-fledged marketing and economic analysis of the calculation, calculate the profitability of the project and the reimbursement of costs, designs, take hotel equipment and facilities design.

Company management pays particularly close attention to personnel training and qualifications. With this objective, the company's staff training courses and seminars organized by our foreign partners, thus guaranteeing our customers the technical solutions at the most recent technical and scientific sasniegumiem.Uzņēmums annually to actively participate in such exhibitions as construction, hotels, facilities, security and communication both Latvian, and abroad. Carry out marketing research and presents its customers with the latest production models and services.

Company LATSAT service center offers its customers technical maintenance services at a high level. Service Centre offers a warranty support and after sales technical service expires.



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