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The first POS system which perfectly matches your brand identity

In stark contrast to other "black box" POS systems, which often look very similar and indistinguishable, Odyssé opens up new horizons in the world of point of sale IT equipment.

Its exclusive shape and unique colour palette enable a completely new approach to the selection of POS equipment: choose a system which meets the design requirements of new commercial areas, blends perfectly with store décor and styling, and enhances brand image and identity at the point of sale.

Specially developed for all retail outlets such as department stores, shops and supermarkets, and also for the hospitality industry, the Odyssé adapts to any point of service location.

Clip’n color

Thanks to an exclusive system of modular ‘skins’, Odyssé by POSLIGNE®, and the matching ODP 200 printer, can change colour to match surroundings and adapt to any commercial location and brand image.
The interchangeable colour clip-on bezel, customer display and side details, along with the printer cover, can be easily attached and detached any time, enabling
16 different colour combinations.

With soft fluid curves, distinct from the sharp angles of traditional POS equipment, Odyssé’s elliptical lines emphasize its exclusive contemporary design.
Choose your palette, combine colours, customise!

specific colours available on request, colour of the clips and colour of the base.

The best of POS technology

With tens of thousands of systems installed across many countries, POSLIGNE® products are well established, thanks to their renowned reliability and durability.
Developed with similar care, Odyssé benefits from the same quality and offers the best technological advantages to respond to the most demanding POS applications.

Odyssé is equipped with a 2.5Ghz processor and 512 Mb memory as standard.
Particular attention was given to its cooling system, resulting in Odyssé being one of the most silent machines on the market.
14 communication ports, including the 4 x Retail USB and the 4 x powered serial ports, enable connection with all POS peripherals. The video output allows advertising or marketing on an additional screen.
Odyssé is equipped with a quickly accessible compact flash card reader. Cards can be easily inserted thanks to a removable cover located on the left side of the terminal.
The integrated customer display on the upper part of the system - at eye level - can be tilted to provide optimal visual comfort.
Reliable and fast, the matching thermal receipt printer, the ODP 200, offers a simplified paper loading system, for user-friendliness at the till.

Simplified maintenance

Simplifying maintenance was one of the main objectives when developing Odyssé.
The hard disk, for example, is mounted on a rack which can be accessed and removed without any tools. The main board is also very easy to reach, via 2 simple screws located on the rear of the machine.

Direct access to main board and processor
Quick opening of the cover (2 screws)
Simple thumb-screw system (removable by hand)
Hard disk mounted on removable rack
Able to run an additional screen
Integral power supply

Optional CD/DVD and 2 USB outputs on the front
Accessible compact flash card reader
Optional version without integrated customer display
14 ports to connect all POS peripherals
Contactless RFID reader + ID cards & Dallas key readers
Can be wall mounted.


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