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GE Security is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) focused on communication and information technologies for security, safety and lifestyle enhancements. GE Security has operations in more than 30 countries and is represented by some of the best-known brand names for intrusion and fire detection, access and building control, video surveillance, explosive and drug detection, key management and, structured wiring.

GE Security helps people protect families, property and communities. From home to industry to national security, technology from GE covers the full spectrum of security solutions, including high-tech video monitoring, intrusion and smoke detection, real estate and property access control and explosives and narcotics detection.

The basic products and solutions:

Access Control

Manage entry and exit activity with GE's line of access control panels and products. From software solutions with integrated video to hardware like smart card readers and keypad devices, GE offers solutions for every access control application.

Life and Property Protection

GE provides security and life safety solutions for applications from retail stores to manufacturing facilities to homes. Combine fire protection, intrusion, and central monitoring software like MASterMind to come up with a complete solution for your security needs.

Fire & Life Safety

GE Security offers powerful solutions that protect people and property with some of the most innovative technology ever developed. From sophisticated life safety and security systems to cost-effective intelligent threat detection, all our products undergo rigorous scrutiny throughout their development to make sure they bring long-term value to every application... So it comes as no surprise that our solutions can be found maintaining secure environments in some of the world's most important structures.

Video Surveillance

Protect people and property with GE's line of surveillance and CCTV products. Start with the simplicity of a camera and a monitor or move to more complex applications involving switchers, digital recorders, and system control. Integrate networked security solutions with our line of IP enabled products. GE can also help with your mobile security needs by providing mass transit solutions to protect passengers and equipment.

Detection (Explosives, Narcotics, Chem & Bio)

Designed to defer terrorist attacks as well as enforce drug laws, GE products are the ideal complement to X-ray scanners and weapons detectors. Renowned for superb sensitivity and ease of use, GE detection and identification systems are deployed in more than 120 countries--in airports, customs checkpoints, border crossings, prisons and a wide range of other facilities.

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